Post 72 Struggles Getting What We Need for Greyson

As many people are aware of, The United States is having a huge shortage of baby formula. I have been keeping an eye on the issue for over 6 months now. Greyson is not on formula anymore obviously, but I was worried it would spill over into other baby and kids foods. Well a fewContinue reading “Post 72 Struggles Getting What We Need for Greyson”

Post 67 Chaos

I do not know what else I could talk about in this post other then the complete mess that our family has been the past couple days and will be in for a few weeks. As soon as we got Murphy home, Savenah our female dog went into her first heat. Alex and I hadContinue reading “Post 67 Chaos”

Post 60 Sickie Sickie

Anyone who has followed our podcast, blog or YouTube Channel knows that Greyson has been a very healthy boy. the only time he has been sick was after his MMR and Flu Shot when he was 13-14 months old. He had a horrible fever for 6 days and the pediatrician said he could only takeContinue reading “Post 60 Sickie Sickie”

Post 38 The Grind

The majority of our lives are filled with so much joy and happiness it is remarkable, it even seems unbelievable at times. But other times life can feel completely overwhelming. We have our challenges and problems like any normal family does. However, when you add a child with ASD into the equation it can getContinue reading “Post 38 The Grind”

Fish Oil

Fish Oil (Nordic Naturals Brand) was the first supplement we tried with Greyson. We gave the first dose, and within just hours we noticed Greyson was more alert and engaged. Fish Oil is considered a high-powered anti-inflammatory that can help with Brain disorders, including Autism. Many individuals have used it with success as a partContinue reading “Fish Oil”

Post 30 Holidays

Christmas has come and gone so quickly it is amazing! We all had a blessed and joyous holiday this year, especially Greyson! We went over my parents for Christmas Eve and spent time with my sister, brother in law, niece and uncle.  As usual, Greyson was all over the house. He enjoys visiting other placesContinue reading “Post 30 Holidays”

Post 9 Vitamin Deficiencies

Post 9 Vitamin Deficiencies (Vitamin D & B’s) Vitamin D Vitamin D has been tied to Autism, however it has never functions as a hormone and controls many of the body’s processes. An interesting fact is since the numbers of Autism cases have gone up, so have the cases of vitamin deficiencies, specifically Vitamin DContinue reading “Post 9 Vitamin Deficiencies”

Post 29 Socializing

After a year and a half we finally took Greyson out to a restaurant last week (Aug 2021). We met Alex’s Aunt and Uncle for Dinner to celebrate Alex’s Birthday! We went to her Aunt’s favorite restaurant, who is owned by her best friend. She set us up with a quiet private spot in theContinue reading “Post 29 Socializing”

POST 8 First, YOU!

When you become a wife and a mother, it’s very important that you take care of You first. You need to be 100% before you can think of taking care of anyone else. Self care is very important, like going for massages, spending time with friends, taking a weekend to get away, focusing on you,Continue reading “POST 8 First, YOU!”

Post 28 Vocals Incoming

We have seen Greyson go back and forth making progress with speech and then regressing. Back and forth he has gone from babbling at 1 year old to having no speech and just moaning at 18 months. Then babbling again around 2 years old and then 2-3 months later regressing back to only moaning. ItContinue reading “Post 28 Vocals Incoming”