Post 126 DMG

Dimethylglycine (DMG) is an amino acid with quite an exciting history. Its use in health and maintenance goes back to 1960s, where the Soviet Union came up with the idea that there was a vitamin B15 and called it calcium pangamate. This particular substance was found to be very beneficial to human health, but timeContinue reading “Post 126 DMG”

Post 124 MultiVitamin

Multivitamins are a valuable source of nutrients and vitamins for people of all ages. Even if you have an exceptional diet, you probably still are not getting the proper amounts of all the nutrients your body needs to excel at a high level. So a multivitamin is essential for everyone and especially for children onContinue reading “Post 124 MultiVitamin”

Post 115 Fish Oil

Fish Oil and Omega’s are quickly becoming a popular supplement for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Once you understand Autism and Fish Oil it is with good reason that it is becoming so popular. In fact Fish Oil was the very first supplement we started using with Greyson and the results were eye opening. ToContinue reading “Post 115 Fish Oil”

DMG and Autism- Does DMG have an impact on Behavioral Challenges?

Dimethyglycine (DMG) is an amino acid that is an essential part of the metabolic pathway. It’s so important because it’s a one-carbon-donator that directly affects the methylation pathways, the immune system, and detoxification pathways. Methylation Methylation plays a role in many conditions, and it impacts a wide range of factors that help to establish whatContinue reading “DMG and Autism- Does DMG have an impact on Behavioral Challenges?”