Post 93 Momma Crushing It

We have had situation arise with therapy recently.. Our therapist has had a personal issue which has lead to her taking leave from work to take care of it. We only have one therapist right now and now that she has taken leave we have none for the time being. Therefore, it is on AlexContinue reading “Post 93 Momma Crushing It”

Post 78 Momma Knows Best

Alex is an incredible mother. Her intuition has gotten incredible at this point. She knows Greyson so well from being so connected to watching him and his action, working on homeschooling and doing therapy that she always seems to know exactly what he needs. She knew he needed to get back into traditional ABA forContinue reading “Post 78 Momma Knows Best”

Post 71 A Beautiful Bond

For a couple years now I have been working on our brand and some other business projects, and haven’t been working a traditional job or schedule and Greyson and I have really been able to bond. It has been an incredible time for me, being able to build such a deep relationship with him. IContinue reading “Post 71 A Beautiful Bond”