Post 112 Expanding and Growing Our Family

Alex and I always agreed that we wanted to have a large family and a few kids. It was something we had always spoke about while we were dating. Obviously, Greyson is 6 now and we still do not have any more children. We never imagined that Greyson would have had autism. So once thatContinue reading “Post 112 Expanding and Growing Our Family”

Post 111 Balanced Living

One thing we have struggled with as a family is getting to comfortable. We seem to get really consistent with our schedules and it works well for us because we maintain a health way of life. However, we can do better than that and really, truly thrive in every way. We all want to thriveContinue reading “Post 111 Balanced Living”

Post 110 Family Time Out

We had a really great family Sunday the other day. We went out for a long walk at the park with the dogs. The park we went to was beautiful and it has an incredible trail. Of course the dogs had a wonderful time and so did Grey. I have to say it was notContinue reading “Post 110 Family Time Out”

Post 109 Progress Continues

Greyson just continues to impress me with something new almost every single day. It is not always some huge monumental leap of progress but small little things that just continue his progression. That doesn’t mean we haven’t scene him take big leaps forward every week or two as well. However, from my experience with GreysonContinue reading “Post 109 Progress Continues”

Post 108 Overwhelming

Their are many parents in the world that have times when they become overwhelmed by life and raising a family. This is especially apparent in today’s world. Between work, a marriage, kids (multiple kids for many parents), friends, family and other obligations, there is limited time to go around. Never before in the history ofContinue reading “Post 108 Overwhelming”

Post 107 Halloween

Halloween is such a unique holiday and it has been a holiday that Greyson has come to really enjoy. It is really interesting to see his growth and development year after year on Halloween. You can see him growing year after year both socially and when it comes to his skill base. He had aContinue reading “Post 107 Halloween”

Post 106 Guilt

I feel that I am a terrific father and that it gives me great joy and a sense of fulfillment to be a great father. However, I have times when I feel that I slip up and am just not giving Greyson my all, not giving him my best. We have had many challenges throughoutContinue reading “Post 106 Guilt”

Post 105 Grinding

The majority of our lives are filled with so much joy and happiness it is remarkable, it even seems unbelievable at times. But other times life can feel completely overwhelming. We have our challenges and problems like any normal family does. However, when you add a child with ASD into the equation it can getContinue reading “Post 105 Grinding”

Post 104 Blessings

The journey we have had so far has been a complete roller coaster ride. Nothing in my life could have prepared me for the experience. The emotional and physical tole was immense. In the beginning it was a grieving process. I was in denial, then I moved to anger and I was completely overwhelmed byContinue reading “Post 104 Blessings”

Bonus Post 7 Every Frog Is Special

I am super excited to announce my book has finally launched! “Every Frog Is Special,” is a beautiful and heart warming story about Greyson! I hope the book helps kids understand that every person on this Earth is unique and special! If you would like to purchase the book, we will be adding it toContinue reading “Bonus Post 7 Every Frog Is Special”