Post 135 The Impact ABA Has Had on Greyson

ABA Therapy also known as Applied Behavioral Analysis is a very controversial topic. People are very divided on supporting it or being against it. I can say I completely understand how and why people feel the way they do, regardless of which side they fall on. On the negative side, some people consider it toContinue reading “Post 135 The Impact ABA Has Had on Greyson”

Post 117 ABA Therapy

ABA Therapy or Applied Behavior analysis has been a very controversial topic for a while now. We have had a lot of experience surrounding ABA Therapy and I wanted to share my thoughts on it. When it comes to ABA and any other type of therapy, there are positives and negatives. We have personally sceneContinue reading “Post 117 ABA Therapy”

Post 93 Momma Crushing It

We have had situation arise with therapy recently.. Our therapist has had a personal issue which has lead to her taking leave from work to take care of it. We only have one therapist right now and now that she has taken leave we have none for the time being. Therefore, it is on AlexContinue reading “Post 93 Momma Crushing It”

Post 83 More Therapy Changes

Therapy seems to be ever changing and developing. Things are constantly in flux in therapy. We had switched over to the my way program and it was working for a while ut eventually Greyson stopped working because he quickly realized that he could get away with refusing demands. It got to a point where weContinue reading “Post 83 More Therapy Changes”

Post 62 Our New Therapist

Although, we thought it was going to be a long time until we found a new therapist we actually have a new one after just a short month. Alex did a great job in the interim, and really bridged the gap really well. She is extremely experienced at this point. I think about it andContinue reading “Post 62 Our New Therapist”

Post 59 Changes In Therapy

So among all the changes in our lives is Grey’s ABA Therapy. Not only have we lost our long time RBT who is incredible. The provider has no one to replace him right now, let alone an RBI that would be a good fit. This is now where everything get put back on our shoulders,Continue reading “Post 59 Changes In Therapy”

Post 43 Bordum During Therapy

The past month and a half in ABA Therapy had consisted of literally nothing. The entire time has been spend with the AAC Device and teaching Greyson how to use it. It all is centered around rewarding him and giving him whatever he requests. We need him to look at the Arc Device as theContinue reading “Post 43 Bordum During Therapy”

Post 33 Back At It

We are back into ABA Therapy again. After a full month off. We had the holidays off and then our RBT had COVID and then we had contact with someone with COVID. So we had to take all that time off. I had mixed emotions about it. I was happy in some ways that weContinue reading “Post 33 Back At It”