Support Group Call Tonight

You Have Been Invited to a Meeting When:Date and time:7/05/22 8:00 PM – (US/Eastern) Duration:30 minutes Conference Call :Dial-in number:   (425) 436-6351 Access code:5710090

Bonus Post 3 Support!!!

Autism Building The Puzzle Support Group Call Come join us and enjoy the fellowship and support of other parents going through the same challenges you are. You Have Been Invited to a Meeting When: Tuesday’s Date and time: 5/31/22 8:00 PM – (US/Eastern) Duration:30 minutes Conference Call :Dial-in number:   (425) 436-6351 Access code:5710090

Bonus Post 2!!!

We are now promoting Green Compass Global. Green Compass is an industry leader that grows, harvests, manufacturers, sells and distributes help and CBD products. The product line is centered around the oils, tinctures and gummies, but also includes beauty products and pain cream that is absolutely incredible! These products have changed my life and theContinue reading “Bonus Post 2!!!”

Bonus Post 1!!!

I am super excited to announce my book has finally launched! “Every Frog Is Special,” is a beautiful and heart warming story about Greyson! I hope the book helps kids understand that every person on this Earth is unique and special! If you would like to purchase the book, we will be adding it toContinue reading “Bonus Post 1!!!”

Losing a Pet/Loved One

Losing a Pet or Loved one can be a very confusing and emotional time for our children. One of the most difficult things we as parents go through is what we do say to them? What is the best way to go about it? How do you explain it to them? Depending on who isContinue reading “Losing a Pet/Loved One”

DMG and Autism- Does DMG have an impact on Behavioral Challenges?

Dimethyglycine (DMG) is an amino acid that is an essential part of the metabolic pathway. It’s so important because it’s a one-carbon-donator that directly affects the methylation pathways, the immune system, and detoxification pathways. Methylation Methylation plays a role in many conditions, and it impacts a wide range of factors that help to establish whatContinue reading “DMG and Autism- Does DMG have an impact on Behavioral Challenges?”

Fish Oil

Fish Oil (Nordic Naturals Brand) was the first supplement we tried with Greyson. We gave the first dose, and within just hours we noticed Greyson was more alert and engaged. Fish Oil is considered a high-powered anti-inflammatory that can help with Brain disorders, including Autism. Many individuals have used it with success as a partContinue reading “Fish Oil”

Post 10 Vitamin B6 & Magnesium

Researchers found Vitamin B6 with Magnesium has the potential effects to alleviate the core symptoms of Autism. A possible association is higher doses of Vitamin b6 and Magnesium supplementation may reduce biochemical abnormalities. Vitamin B6 and Magnesium are cofactors in more than 100 metabolic pathways. Cofactors help in the action of enzymes (complex molecules thatContinue reading “Post 10 Vitamin B6 & Magnesium”

Post 9 Vitamin Deficiencies

Post 9 Vitamin Deficiencies (Vitamin D & B’s) Vitamin D Vitamin D has been tied to Autism, however it has never functions as a hormone and controls many of the body’s processes. An interesting fact is since the numbers of Autism cases have gone up, so have the cases of vitamin deficiencies, specifically Vitamin DContinue reading “Post 9 Vitamin Deficiencies”