Post 16 My Challenge Continued…

I was struggling for a while after Greyson was born. By far the most challenging time in my life. After 6-8 months I think I was finally getting accustom to the role of being a father. I was dealing with the negative thoughts and stresses that were affecting me. It took a lot of timeContinue reading “Post 16 My Challenge Continued…”

Post 14 For A Reason

Greyson has really changed our lives in so many ways. I could not possibly have imagined that we would be where we are right now 5 years ago. Everyone always says that having a child is never what you expect, no matter how much you prepare you will never be completely ready. I believed thatContinue reading “Post 14 For A Reason”

Post 13 Fighting For Greyson

When Greyson was in early intervention and about 2 years old, we were working with an awesome OT and DI. We had a wonderful experience with them and Greyson did as well. They really helped us learn a lot. However, the experience with our program director was horrible.  She was never meant to work inContinue reading “Post 13 Fighting For Greyson”

Post 7 Grey’s Personality Shines

It was a little before 2 years old when Greyson’s personality really started to shine! I really saw him coming into his own as his personality showed. He was happy, active, loving and always on the go. Previously, he was in his own world much of the time, he started to interact a little bitContinue reading “Post 7 Grey’s Personality Shines”