Post 49 Greyson Escorts Me Out

Recently we have had some challenges with bed time. As some of you know it all started when we got the puppy. I was working nights at the time and Alex would be home with the two of them. Greyson does not sleep through the night. He usually wakes up 2-3 times a night andContinue reading “Post 49 Greyson Escorts Me Out”

Post 47 Eye Surgery

So I had a growth removed from my eye lid the other day. We took a video of Greyson’s reaction to seeing me with an eye patch and posted it to our YouTube Channel, so check it out. It was an interesting progression. He was not happy at all when he first saw it. HeContinue reading “Post 47 Eye Surgery”

Post 48 The Feeling of Being Overwhelmed Takes on a Whole New Meaning

Their are many parents in the world that have times when they become overwhelmed by life and raising a family. This is especially apparent in today’s world. Between work, a marriage, kids (multiple kids for many parents), friends, family and other obligations, there is limited time to go around. Never before in the history ofContinue reading “Post 48 The Feeling of Being Overwhelmed Takes on a Whole New Meaning”

Post 46 His Bond With His Mom Is Beautiful

For a couple years now I have been working on our brand and some other business projects, and haven’t been working a traditional job or schedule and Greyson and I have really been able to bond. It has been an incredible time for me, being able to build such a deep relationship with him. IContinue reading “Post 46 His Bond With His Mom Is Beautiful”

Post 45 Someone Already Wants Summer To Start. NOW!!!

We have always been a summer family. Summer activities were always the highlight of Alex’s childhood as well as mine. Now, for Greyson we have continued to make those times the highlight of his and our family’s year. Every summer we try and make the most of it. We go on trips to the beach,Continue reading “Post 45 Someone Already Wants Summer To Start. NOW!!!”

Post 44 Greyson’s Voice Is Growing

As many of you know we have started teaching Greyson how to use an AAC device to communicate. An AAC device is basically a tablet with a specific AAC app or program on it. In our case we use an old iPad, since it only has the one app on it. We do not allowContinue reading “Post 44 Greyson’s Voice Is Growing”

Post 42 Life Changes Lead To New Sleep Challanges

Since we got the new puppy and I am working nights, Alex has to handle the bed time routine for both Greyson and the dog. They both sleep we individually, but since our last dog got sick we needed to change Grey’s sleeping environment. When Savannah got sick and couldn’t jump on the couch orContinue reading “Post 42 Life Changes Lead To New Sleep Challanges”

Post 43 Bordum During Therapy

The past month and a half in ABA Therapy had consisted of literally nothing. The entire time has been spend with the AAC Device and teaching Greyson how to use it. It all is centered around rewarding him and giving him whatever he requests. We need him to look at the Arc Device as theContinue reading “Post 43 Bordum During Therapy”

Post 41 Family Reunion

This past weekend was not a true family reunion but it was incredibly meaningful. My uncle and cousin came out to visit from Chicago. We haven’t seen them in over 2 years because of the pandemic and everything that comes along with it. IT was something I was excited about. We all went over myContinue reading “Post 41 Family Reunion”

Post 40 Gone Fishing

Fishing happens to be one of my favorite past times. I spent a lot of time as a child going fishing with my father, grandfather, and uncles. We spent time bonding and really enjoying time together no matter where we went fishing. We were Saltwater fishermen, and my family even had a boat for aContinue reading “Post 40 Gone Fishing”