Post 58 Struggles

Recent life has felt really cold and cruel. The Craziness, anxiety, stress and monumental challenges are weighing me down like I am simply standing in quick sand. I am sure so many people can relate to how I feel right now. For as long as I can remember life has been throwing challenge after challengeContinue reading “Post 58 Struggles”

Post 57 Socialization

Social Skills are a challenging area for people on the spectrum to learn and excel at. We are lucky in many ways, when it comes to social skills because Greyson doesn’t want to isolate himself and loves to be around other people. He prefers to be with people, provided he can still do things heContinue reading “Post 57 Socialization”

Bonus Post 1!!!

I am super excited to announce my book has finally launched! “Every Frog Is Special,” is a beautiful and heart warming story about Greyson! I hope the book helps kids understand that every person on this Earth is unique and special! If you would like to purchase the book, we will be adding it toContinue reading “Bonus Post 1!!!”

Post 50 The Incredible Journey

This has been just the most amazing journey and we could have never imagined where life was taking us. Since this is post 50 I thought I would celebrate with a little review of our journey up to this point. It all started when Greyson was a little older than a year old. The pediatricianContinue reading “Post 50 The Incredible Journey”

Post 46 His Bond With His Mom Is Beautiful

For a couple years now I have been working on our brand and some other business projects, and haven’t been working a traditional job or schedule and Greyson and I have really been able to bond. It has been an incredible time for me, being able to build such a deep relationship with him. IContinue reading “Post 46 His Bond With His Mom Is Beautiful”

Post 10 Vitamin B6 & Magnesium

Researchers found Vitamin B6 with Magnesium has the potential effects to alleviate the core symptoms of Autism. A possible association is higher doses of Vitamin b6 and Magnesium supplementation may reduce biochemical abnormalities. Vitamin B6 and Magnesium are cofactors in more than 100 metabolic pathways. Cofactors help in the action of enzymes (complex molecules thatContinue reading “Post 10 Vitamin B6 & Magnesium”