Quick Tip #1

Show Notes This quick tip will discuss sleep and how to help your kids get to sleep better. Find Autism Building The Puzzle  http://www.buildingthepuzzle.com Facebook (buildingthepuzzle) – https://www.facebook.com/buildingthepuzzle-100103054801446  Facebook Group (Building the Puzzle) – https://www.facebook.com/groups/1172615782928344 Instagram – Buildingthepuzzle  Youtube – Autism Building The Puzzle (COMING SOON!) Support Group Information Can Be Found On All Platforms Continue reading “Quick Tip #1”

Episode #4 Interview With Krystal and Brittany

Show Notes On today’s episode Alexandria and Shawn interview sisters, Krystal and Brittany. Both are parents of children with autism. Krystal has a daughter named Adriana, who is currently 6, and Brittany has a son named Booby, and he is 13. Come listen to them discuss their journeys with Autism and learn about the differentContinue reading “Episode #4 Interview With Krystal and Brittany”