Post 43 Bordum During Therapy

The past month and a half in ABA Therapy had consisted of literally nothing. The entire time has been spend with the AAC Device and teaching Greyson how to use it. It all is centered around rewarding him and giving him whatever he requests. We need him to look at the Arc Device as theContinue reading “Post 43 Bordum During Therapy”

Post 41 Family Reunion

This past weekend was not a true family reunion but it was incredibly meaningful. My uncle and cousin came out to visit from Chicago. We haven’t seen them in over 2 years because of the pandemic and everything that comes along with it. IT was something I was excited about. We all went over myContinue reading “Post 41 Family Reunion”

Post 40 Gone Fishing

Fishing happens to be one of my favorite past times. I spent a lot of time as a child going fishing with my father, grandfather, and uncles. We spent time bonding and really enjoying time together no matter where we went fishing. We were Saltwater fishermen, and my family even had a boat for aContinue reading “Post 40 Gone Fishing”

Post 39 The Gift From God That Saved Us

There was a time a few years ago when we were at our lowest point, in regards to Greyson that is. He was probably about two and a half and his meltdowns were intensifying, in both duration and severity. I would get calls from Alex while I was working, and she was crying because ofContinue reading “Post 39 The Gift From God That Saved Us”

Post 38 The Grind

The majority of our lives are filled with so much joy and happiness it is remarkable, it even seems unbelievable at times. But other times life can feel completely overwhelming. We have our challenges and problems like any normal family does. However, when you add a child with ASD into the equation it can getContinue reading “Post 38 The Grind”

Post 37 Meltdowns Can Be So Challenging and Demoralizing

We have recently been dealing with some regressions. This regression is focused around Greyson’s challenging behaviors, in particular his meltdowns. It is a huge challenge for me as his father. It is really tough to see a regression and I know there are part of Autism Spectrum Disorder, but it is still difficult to dealContinue reading “Post 37 Meltdowns Can Be So Challenging and Demoralizing”

Post 36 Our New Baby Savenah Finally Comes Home 

The past month has felt like a lifetime! It was only a month ago that we decided to get another dog and choose our beautiful Savenah. We knew very quickly that we did not want to wait to long to get a new puppy! We tried going the adoption route first, but many of theContinue reading “Post 36 Our New Baby Savenah Finally Comes Home “

Post 35 The Hardest Job Life Has To Offer

Being a parent is one of the hardest jobs anyone can undertake in life. However, it is probably the most rewarding experience life has to offer. Isn’t it ironic, how these two realities are both true and yet are at complete opposite ends of the spectrum, and life parenting a child with Autism makes bothContinue reading “Post 35 The Hardest Job Life Has To Offer”

Post 34 Changes

It is an interesting time right now with our family. A time of transition, progress and growth. We have been stuck in one place for a long, long time. In fact for about 4 years now we have been circling almost like a bird of prey. It has been a frustrating time in many differentContinue reading “Post 34 Changes”

Post 33 Back At It

We are back into ABA Therapy again. After a full month off. We had the holidays off and then our RBT had COVID and then we had contact with someone with COVID. So we had to take all that time off. I had mixed emotions about it. I was happy in some ways that weContinue reading “Post 33 Back At It”