Post 7 Grey’s Personality Shines

It was a little before 2 years old when Greyson’s personality really started to shine! I really saw him coming into his own as his personality showed. He was happy, active, loving and always on the go. Previously, he was in his own world much of the time, he started to interact a little bitContinue reading “Post 7 Grey’s Personality Shines”

Post 6… Early Intervention Continues

Once Early Intervention had been in progress for a few months, I realized how valuable it was for Greyson and for us as a family. I have come to learn how important it is to start getting help as soon as possible. I could see the differences in Greyson pretty quickly and I know ifContinue reading “Post 6… Early Intervention Continues”

Post 5…Early Intervention Begins

I was not around much when Greyson started early intervention. I was working long hours, traveling and not at home during most of the sessions. I did work from home occasionally and got to participate from time to time. I did feel very guilty about not spending enough time in therapy. My emotions were tellingContinue reading “Post 5…Early Intervention Begins”


I could never forget the feelings and emotions I had when I first found out Greyson was Autistic. I was working from home one day and Alex had the state Early Intervention Team come out to do an evaluation with Greyson. Our Pediatrician had recommended one since he had a communication delay. I went andContinue reading “Diagnosis”

The beginning from a father’s perspective

It was September 28th 2016, I was getting ready to leave for work when Alex said, with a strained voice, “Sweetheart I think we need to go to the hospital. I am definitely in labor.” My initial reaction was freaking out. We were an hour away from the hospital and it was rush hour onContinue reading “The beginning from a father’s perspective”