Post 58 Struggles

Recent life has felt really cold and cruel. The Craziness, anxiety, stress and monumental challenges are weighing me down like I am simply standing in quick sand. I am sure so many people can relate to how I feel right now. For as long as I can remember life has been throwing challenge after challengeContinue reading “Post 58 Struggles”

Post 57 Socialization

Social Skills are a challenging area for people on the spectrum to learn and excel at. We are lucky in many ways, when it comes to social skills because Greyson doesn’t want to isolate himself and loves to be around other people. He prefers to be with people, provided he can still do things heContinue reading “Post 57 Socialization”

Post 56 Greyson Lost His Best Friend

This has been one of the saddest times I have felt in such a long time. My heart is breaking for Greyson right now. I write this with tears in. my eyes! Our RBT of 2.5 years is moving on and taking a new position. I am obviously very happy that he is growing inContinue reading “Post 56 Greyson Lost His Best Friend”

Post 54 Alone With Grey and The Puppy 2 Weekends in a Row

So Easter has passed now and Alex wanted to go to see a friend out of state. It is her best friend and they haven’t scene each other in 4 years. So I was more than happy to stay home and watch Grey and the puppy. However, then she asked if she could go awayContinue reading “Post 54 Alone With Grey and The Puppy 2 Weekends in a Row”

Post 53 Easter Eggs

We decided to spend Easter at home this year. Alex’s Mom came up to visit us for the holiday and stayed for a few days. I had to work a lot all week so it was nice to spend Easter at home and relax. the night before Easter, we decided to do Easter eggs withContinue reading “Post 53 Easter Eggs”

Post 52 First Trip To The Beach of 2022

On my day off the other day I wanted to do something special for Greyson and the family. It has been a long winter and we have had so much going on this winter we have been stretched really thin. It was supposed to be in the 70’s for the first time this year, soContinue reading “Post 52 First Trip To The Beach of 2022”

Bonus Post 2!!!

We are now promoting Green Compass Global. Green Compass is an industry leader that grows, harvests, manufacturers, sells and distributes help and CBD products. The product line is centered around the oils, tinctures and gummies, but also includes beauty products and pain cream that is absolutely incredible! These products have changed my life and theContinue reading “Bonus Post 2!!!”

Bonus Post 1!!!

I am super excited to announce my book has finally launched! “Every Frog Is Special,” is a beautiful and heart warming story about Greyson! I hope the book helps kids understand that every person on this Earth is unique and special! If you would like to purchase the book, we will be adding it toContinue reading “Bonus Post 1!!!”

Post 51 Taking Strides Forward

Over the past 6 months a lot has developed and changed with Greyson. For the First 4 of those 6 months Greyson was in a bit of a rut. He had some tough challenges with behavior, obsessive compulsive demands and therapy. He was going through a period of regression, frustration and probably boredom. As manyContinue reading “Post 51 Taking Strides Forward”