Post 134 The Most Important Supplement For Greyson

Fish Oil and Omega’s are quickly becoming a popular supplement for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Once you understand Autism and Fish Oil it is with good reason that it is becoming so popular. In fact Fish Oil was the very first supplement we started using with Greyson and the results were eye opening.

To understand how Fish Oil can impact ASD, let’s start by understanding Autism a little on a neurological level. Autism is an inflammatory condition where the brain swells and is inflamed. A common result of the inflammation is cognitive challenges for the children. A third common symptom of Autism Spectrum Disorder that is not necessarily neurological is toxins in the blood. A large portion of children on the spectrum have high levels of toxins in their system.

Now, how are these 3 symptoms impacted by the Fish Oil or Omega’s. Fish Oil is highly touted for its impact in 3 areas, as an anti-inflamatory, anti-oxidant and cognitive support. That means that Fish Oil can help support someone with ASD who has any or all of these 3 common symptoms. It is extremely safe for the body, however, we still recommend starting slow and building up the dosage to the desired level gradually to prevent stomach and digestive irritation. Any time you start someone on a new supplement the dietary change can have an impact on the digestive system, so it is always wise to slowly integrate it into the diet.

Omega’s can be found in many foods, such as walnuts, fatty fish, flax seed and chia seed. However, we are aware that many of our kids on the spectrum as well as adults have eating challenges so it could be very difficult for them to get these essential nutrients through their diet. In many cases we need to turn to supplementation to get them what they need. Of course, we always recommend speaking to a doctor before starting on any supplements or vitamins, and ideally you would want to consult a biomedical doctor who’s expertise is in this specific area. Our recommended brand for Fish Oil is going to be Nordic Natural’s. We have found that all of there products are of very high quality.

As I mentioned, this was the first supplement we started Grey on when we first started biomedical treatment and with in the first 24 hours we saw a tremendous difference. He was happier, more alert, was paying attention and engaging more. The fact that we could see the impact so quickly was enough for us and it had been a huge part of his treatment program since. It will never cure him but it has really helped him be able to focus and interact more effectively so that all of our other efforts can be that much more effective. It has been a huge blessing to us!

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