Post 133 Interesting Times

We have been through so much lately and it has been kind of crazy. Challenges with ABA Therapy, work schedules, Alex’s surgery, car accidents and fighting with insurance companies. Life has been a total hurricane lately and it has been a very trying time for all of us.

Alex had a miscarriage and she has been having a number of other medical challenges as well as a surgery. Greyson has had a number of therapy challenges and has been struggling picking up potty training. Personally I have been dealing with work challenges and balancing work with all the other responsibilities I have. It has been really hard for me and for all of us! I guess life just is that way sometimes!

I accept the challenges and believe God never gives us more then we can handle, but it is still hard. I am usually a very positive person focused on the future and how bright it is! However, I have my moments I question how we will get through all of this and I always come back to God and how he has my path laid out for me and that path is always meant for my good. No matter what, God is my provider and my guide and he will get me through anything the world throws my way.

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