Post 130 Feeling Guilt

The majority of our lives are filled with so much joy and happiness it is remarkable, it even seems unbelievable at times. But other times life can feel completely overwhelming. We have our challenges and problems like any normal family does. However, when you add a child with ASD into the equation it can get even harder. The unique challenges that come along with ASD on top of the normal family problems takes everything to a whole new level. We have been able to deal with all of this fairly well most of the time, and have had a wonderful life.

However, sometimes in life we all go through times when we feel like the sky is falling and everything that can go wrong will go wrong. When those times arise for our family it can feel even worse than for most. Before Greyson was born we could always figure out how to get through these situations, but now between normal life, managing a child on the spectrum, and having those times that everything seems to go wrong can feel daunting and defeating. The daily grind that ensues from that trifecta can feel demoralizing a lot of the time. Feeling the sense of being overwhelmed and that everything is going wrong, that the walls are closing in on all sides, can be so much to overcome. 

The only thing I know how to do in these types of moments is pray, meditate and talk to Alex about it. The only way I know of to get through this stuff is to pray to God, listen to his guidance and talk through things with my best friend and wife. Without each other I definitely feel we would be completely lost in our lives and never find our way through it. I thank God each day that we have each other to lean on and to support each other. If we didn’t the daily grind might become completely destructive. 

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