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Stem Cell Therapy is becoming more and more popular as a treatment for Autism and many other conditions. We have considered using this with Greyson. We have found many success stories from the most popular and experienced provider of this therapy, The Stem Cell Institute in Panama City. The treatment is a few days long usually 3 days and then patients could see the desired results after only that one treatment regiment, or potentially come back down the road for further treatment.

It is incredible how this therapy actually works. When the Stem Cells are injected into the body,,, they immediately, go into the brain. There they can actually determine what section or cells in the brain areas damaged and can then repair and rebuild them. The big down sides are just that the research on the therapy has not been extensive enough yet, and the treatment is not covered by insurance so it can cost upwards of $60k dollars.

Treatment Locations

Duke University was the first entity in the US to provide Stem Cell Therapy to Children with Autism. They are currently conducting a multi-year study on the effectiveness of Stem Cell Treatment on ASD. They are the cream of the crop for Stem Cell Therapy in The United States.

Arizona State University is another University that has started researching Stem Cell Therapy as a treatment for ASD.

The Stem Cell Institute in Panama City is by far the most experienced and successful place to receive therapy. They have been providing therapy for more than 3 times as long as the other groups above. They have the most world renowned Doctors in the field, the best equipment and most resources.

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