Post 128 Work

Now that the holidays have wrapped up and we are now transitioning into the new year with new hopes and dreams we also take on new challenges, frustrations and surprises. We have had some therapy issues, which are my fault but are dealing with them and getting through them but they are temporarily setting us back. It is frustrating for sure, but it is a part of life. At least that is what I tell myself. We have decided to make a big push to provide him with more support over the course of this year and we are using this first month of the year to get reorganized and find our direction. I think we are making great progress and Alex and I are really working well together, with a common vision for the future.

Regardless of what happens, good or bad, I always have something to hold onto, GREYSON!!! We are so lucky to have him. He is the ultimate blessing to me and gives me a reason to strive for more and to overcome any challenge that we face. I am so lucky to have him and our family!

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