Post 125 A New Virtual World

Alex bought an oculus about 8 months ago, she spends a lot of time home with Grey while I am out working and it was an ideal hobby for her to get into. She is a Tech junky so it fits her interests perfectly. I have played it with her and it is incredibly cool. You can watch movies, play games ride rollercoasters, travel the world with a couple clicks and even create virtual worlds and hangout with virtual friends in them. It is an incredible platform! The technology is amazing and it is crazy to think what the future holds.

So the other day we decided to let Grey try it and I think Alex may have lost it forever! He absolutely loved it. He abandoned his iPad and refused to let go of the oculus. Looks like it is his now. It was absolutely hilarious watching him. Alex was able to split her screen and record a video of what he saw on one side and the other side was watching him move around. He was running into things and reaching out to touch things he thought was real. We entertained ourselves for an hour just watching him. These are those moments that make life so great! Moments that you just do something you didn’t really expect to do and it just turns out to be a blast.

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