Post 120 Christmas

Christmas is such a wonderful time of year that the whole family really loves. This year we had another wonderful Christmas as a family! Alex and I got a chance to spend some extra time together, Greyson had plenty of time to play with Daddy and all his new toys, and the extended family got an opportunity to spend some time with all of us. Even the dogs got a lot of wonderful treats and toys and I got some time to relax and decompress.

We had a really relaxed holiday, going over my parents on Christmas Eve for the usual 7 fish Christmas Eve meal and spent some nice quality time with my parents. It wa low key but very nice and peaceful! We went home from there and got Grey in bed, but first we called Santa to see where he was and tracked him on the app. We woke up Christmas Morning and just spent the day in our pajamas. At least we did, Greyson as usual was naked all day since we are potty training. It is always a riot watching him running around naked all day. We had our morning coffee and exchanged presents. Greyson did a great job and he is really learning how to open presents and he is getting more and more interactive with it.

He absolutely loved his presents and we were able to spend time playing with them and I think he really seemed to enjoy it. Then the day after Christmas we went over to Shady Brook Farms and went to the Christmas Light Show they have. It is another tradition we have been doing since Greyson was born. He seems to enjoy it more and more every year!

It was another wonderful Christmas and I think next year is going to be even better! more to come on that in the future. I am not ready to elaborate on that yet, but that time will come. Just leave everyone with a little teaser. Stay tuned! I am a little disappointed that it is all over already. It comes and goes so fast every year and family time is something I love and value beyond all other things. Unfortunately, that is just how life works. But all and all another wonderful holiday with the family and for that I thank God!

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