Post 118 Xmas Shopping

Christmas shopping seems to get more and more challenging every year. When you have a child like Greyson Christmas shopping is the polar opposite of what it is for a traditional child. Greyson’s interests are very narrow and traditional toys would not really mean all that much to him. Of course there are always things he could need but we do not always want to just get him some things he needs, but we want to have that Christmas experience where your child receives a gift that makes him so excited, they can barely contain themselves.

That type of experience is getting harder and harder every year. We are still trying to figure out what to do at this point and we only have a week left. I know your probably think we should be preparing sooner, but the funny thing is that we have been trying to figure this out since 4th of July. We have some good ideas but just are not 100% sold on having the right one.

Stay tuned for the future posts during Christmas to find out what we ended up doing. This is just another interesting aspect of raising a child on the spectrum!

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