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ABA Therapy or Applied Behavior analysis has been a very controversial topic for a while now. We have had a lot of experience surrounding ABA Therapy and I wanted to share my thoughts on it. When it comes to ABA and any other type of therapy, there are positives and negatives. We have personally scene and experienced the good and the bad that comes with implementing an ABA Program. It can be a really difficult process to start and implement a program.

I firmly believe ABA Therapy can be an amazing tool to help teach and support your children as they grow and develop, provided you are working with a good providers, BCBA’s and RBT’s. That is by far the biggest key to have a positive experience in ABA Therapy. We recommend staying away from Therapists who are rigid because they do not work as well as a team, and take parents opinions into consideration.

We have gone through many therapists over the years and I can tell you we have learned that within a couple hours that we can determine if a therapist is going to be a good fit or not. Always, go with your gut and move onto another therapist quickly, because as many people know it can take a long time to get a new one. When our kids are young time is vital and the more time we waste is time lost, not making progress.

There are currently some really great research studies being done with adults who once participated in ABA Therapy, in order to get data from first hand experience to use to make ABA Therapy best practices more effective for everyone. I think it is awesome to see that some professionals are taking feedback seriously and looking to determine how to improve everyones experience! We believe that with a good group of professionals ABA can be the driving force that leads our kids to success and to help our kids reach there full potential!

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