Post 116 The Holiday Season

“The Holiday Season!” Such a wonderful time of year for everyone! It is just filled with so much joy and wonder for everyone. Young or old, it doesn’t matter it just feels so magical. Despite the fact that we are so busy all the time we have found some ways to carve out time for us to partake in some of the usual holiday activities.

We went to the Somerville Holiday Lights parade and got to see all the local First Responders who had decorated emergency vehicles with lights and decorations. Santa was there of course and so was Peppa Pig. I think Grey was more excited over Peppa then Santa, because he loves Peppa Pig.

Then as usual every year the local Fire Department brings Santa around town to see children and wish everyone a Merry Christmas. We have not missed a year since Grey was born. So we went out and saw them when they came to our complex. They also bring the Grinch with them to which is a fun little spin off. They even write a little story about the Grinch escaping and getting thrown in Jail to save Christmas and they put it all on their Facebook page. We got our pictures with Santa and The Grinch and they came out great. Greyson had a couple moments of frustration with such a big crowd but he did very well overall!

So far so good, we are all feeling joy of the season surrounding us and we couldn’t be more excited to enjoy the next few weeks!

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