Post 113 Thanksgiving

The preverbal start to the holiday season has come and gone way to quickly! It would always be nice to have a little more time to spend with the family, but we enjoyed it very much, none the less. As always it included a wonderful dinner, enjoying a lot of great food, spending time together as a family and many other activities.

This year was a little different with the start of the World Cup, a personal favorite of sporting events. So I was up early at 5am to watch a few games, I made everyone some breakfast and proceeded to start cooking for the day. Once we hit 9am, I had to switch to watching on the iPad because we can not miss the Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade on TV. As many people would suspect, Greyson enjoyed watching, but especially loved seeing Santa.

The day continued with a great dinner and watching Christmas shows and the games of course. I sat on the couch in the evening and just looked around for a couple minutes. I realized how that whole day it seemed as though nothing else in the world was going on outside of all of us just being together in that moment, enjoying it completely! I started to think of just how lucky I was to have such an incredible family. The real joy and appreciation that comes with Thanksgiving was surrounding me and it was a beautiful moment for a beautiful day and a beautiful holiday!

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