Post 110 Family Time Out

We had a really great family Sunday the other day. We went out for a long walk at the park with the dogs. The park we went to was beautiful and it has an incredible trail. Of course the dogs had a wonderful time and so did Grey. I have to say it was not really a walk, it was more of an interval workout. Greyson would run for 15 seconds then stop, then run for 30 seconds and stop and then run again and again. It was adorable because the dogs loved being out with Greyson, especially since he was out running. It was adorable.

Afterwards, I promised him we would take him to the store to get his letter of the day cookies. So we went to target and it was. a lot of fun. We spent some time going over to the toy section to see what he was interested in to get some ideas for Christmas. As usual, he didn’t have too much interest in most of the toys but he did find a few cocomelon toys he recognized from the show. He became obsessed so at least we know what to get him for Christmas, or what Santa will bring him. 😉

All and all it was a simple day but sometimes those are the times that turn out to be the most enjoyable!

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