Post 104 Blessings

The journey we have had so far has been a complete roller coaster ride. Nothing in my life could have prepared me for the experience. The emotional and physical tole was immense. In the beginning it was a grieving process. I was in denial, then I moved to anger and I was completely overwhelmed by my emotions. I was grieving my vision of what my life and family were supposed to be, and I felt like it was all wrapped away from me. It was probably niece of me to envision my life and family future in such a district way, since rarely do things work out the way we envision. At this time I felt alone and isolated while Alex seemed like Super Mom!

She seemed to have it all together, while I was a complete mess. I did not know anyone with Autism, let alone having an autistic child myself. I was just weathering the storm until I realized how many people were going through the exact same thing. This made me feel so much better, knowing I was not alone. 

Th initial weakness I had destroyed my confidence as a father and as a man. I worked very hard to get that confidence back. I came to the realization that Greyson was ours because he choose us. God gave him as a gift to us to make us better people and because no one would work as tirelessly as we would to support him. He was the most incredible gift to us. Alex and I then reconnected and focused on what our plan of attack would be to move forward. 

I realized that our lives were different and unique, but Greyson has made it an extraordinary life! I would not be the person, father or man I am without him in my life. This amazing little boy has changed me forever! 

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