Post 102 Our Favorite Time of Year

It feels so great to be heading into such a wonderful time of year! I know, I know I always say how much we love summer and how we are summer people but there is something so special about the holidays. I know most people think of the holidays as Thanksgiving through New Years, however I think it really kicks off with Halloween. Once we are within a few days of Halloween, Thanksgiving is not far off. This year seems especially exciting, and not because we have any kind of special plans, but because of how we live our lives.

First, we are really working hard in every aspect of our lives so having the holidays to enjoy means so much. We work a lot and with all the responsibilities and complications of raising a child on the spectrum life can be hard and a grind. so having a special time of year that provides so much joy is so valuable!

Second, because of how we have grown as a family and really changed our values. We value our time together and the experiences we have. As I always say, happiness and joy is found in the journey not the destination. This is a time of year that living in the moment and being present to enjoy every second is so incredibly valuable. We live our lives this way every single day now, but the holidays are really going to bring the Joy to a whole new level!

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