Post 101 Conquering The Potty

Potty training has been an achilles heal for us and Greyson for a long time. I will admit that Alex and I are at fault for some of the struggles. It has been a struggle and we have had times where we have been working on it diligently and times where we have definitely slacked off. I just think sometimes when you are working on something diligently for a while and you do not get the result you want, you get a little discouraged and you eventually get a little lazy. Potty training can be challenging with any child, so it is no surprise it can be even harder with a child on the spectrum.

I will be honest though, I think a child really needs to be ready to take this step in there development. I do not believe Greyson was ready most of the times in the past. Recently. we started trying once again and really focusing on it again. I give all the credit to Alex for this because she is by far his primary caretaker. She started working on it regularly and sitting him on the potty every 30 minutes all day. Very quickly we had a victory and then another on a few hours later. Already 2 victories in just a few hours. Now a few days later we have had a couple more successes. We have not been without accidents sometimes but with so many successes we are on our way to concurring potty training.

Alex has done so well with him. She has helped teach him to relax and release as she always says and I think its great. What ever works, do it, right. She has been giving him tons of praise when he succeeds and has been calling him a potty training machine. This has become his reinforcer and he loves it. Every time we call him the potty training machine he starts racking up. It is absolutely adorable. Reinforcement is the key to teach a child any skill and potty training is no different. I do think Greyson is in a place where he is ready to succeed because he has started to refuse to wear diapers as well so it seems to time! We are well on our way to conquering potty training!

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