Post 100 Celebration and A Look Back

Today I get to celebrate 100 posts! I can’t believe I have gotten to 100 already, it has gone by so quickly. I have really enjoyed sharing our journey with everyone from my perspective. I have enjoyed every moment of it! This Blog has turned into such a great way for me to express my feelings about all the crazy emotions that you go through when you have a child on the spectrum. Life is always a roller coaster but when you have a child on the spectrum it is amplified by 10 fold!

Greyson has truly been a gift from God for me though. He has taught me so much in life and given me so much that I do not think anything I do could ever repay him for what he has done for me! Everyday I wake up and thank God that I was the one chosen to be his father. I spoke about it on the last post but I have really learned that everything in life is meant to be enjoyed and living a truly joyful life means living present in every moment and enjoying it for everything it is! We don’t get to rewind life like a movie and replay it so we better make the most of every moment. I know that this blog is part of that and I celebrate every time I sit down and write a new post!

Thank you for all your support and I look forward to the next 100! Come enjoy the journey with us!

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