Post 99 Journey Not a Destination

If you have been reading my blog for a while you know that we have a new therapist, and that we lost our last therapist after 2.5 years with Greyson. It has been heard the entire time we have been transitioning. Losing Ed and bringing in the new therapist has been hard on all of us, especially Greyson and Alex. What I have realized and affirmed through this experience is that our journey as a family with a child on the spectrum, is just that a journey and not a destination.

I guess this is a true life lesson for everyone. I have read many books and articles and watched many video’s about the topic. One quote I like is, “If you are not growing you are dying.” That quote rings true in regards to our current situation. No matter what we do or how we structure our lives, change is inevitable. No matter how much you want to maintain your current life structure the world won’t allow it. So, we must embrace it and to be honest it does make life more entertaining and exciting. Embrace the changes life has to offer.

To be honest with you, the joy of life doesn’t come from the destinations we reach. The achievement and the joy that comes with it is momentary and fading. When we buy a new car or a new home, despite that fact that is a life changing experience in our lives, the joy that comes from achieving that goal fades quickly over time. So the true happiness and joy in our lives, comes from the journey itself! The journey molds us and shapes us as human’s and shapes our destiny. This is where we find true joy and happiness in our lives.

It has taken a long time and a lot of pain, struggle and challenges for me to come to a place where I can accept and truly understand that is where we can find the true joy and happiness in life. But none the less I realize it now and I see it in every facet of my life. Greyson, and our journey with him on the spectrum is no different than any other part of life in this regard. And I believe the answer to managing the stress and anxiety of all the ups and downs is found in embracing the joy that we can all find within the journey itself!

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