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Not only did we get to celebrate Greyson’s 6th Birthday a few days ago, but we were also able to celebrate my 40th Birthday! It was a wonderful week. We spent a lot of time with Greyson on his birthday and took him to the park down the street. I had to work so we didn’t have time to do anything to crazy, but we made the most of it and had a great time!

We do not normally go to the big park down the street, usually just the one in out complex. He loved it running in the baseball fields, playing in the sand on the beach volleyball courts, and playing a a playground that probably seemed new to him. I got him some of his favorite alphabet cookies, which he loves and we just can’t always find at the store. He has enjoyed them tremendously! We got him some new puzzles and toys as well! Still going to have a little party for him in a few weeks, things have just been crazy.

Then on my birthday we had a great day. I worked a half day which was great and got to spend the whole day with the family. That doesn’t happen often so I really savored the moment. All I can ask for on my Birthday now a days is to spend time with the people I love so much, and I fulfilled that goal this year. This family is what means the most to me and spending quality time is my biggest priority. The time simply goes by way to fast.

The night finished up with Alex and my mother in law singing happy Birthday with my favorite carrot cake, and what made the day was Grey helping me blow out the candles for the first time! A Wonderful conclusion to great day!

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