Post 97 Birthday Boy!

Greyson is now 6 years old! His Birthday was a few days ago, September 28th. I remember the day he was born so vividly. I woke up for work and Alex stopped me right away saying she thought she was in labor. We immediately, got our stuff and headed down to the hospital. If you know Alex she was very particular about the hospital. It had to be the hospital that her doctors group worked at which was an hour away and probably more in rush hour traffic. The intensity and energy in the car rose as we drove, and she started having contractions frequently. I will never forget that when we were about 2 miles away stuck on a one lane road with only partial shoulder, she was screaming at me to cut onto the grass and get her to the hospital ASAP! I don’t think she said ASAP! I am positive she threw a few profanities in the sentence though.

We got checked in and her water broke immediately. She got into a room and we got her comfortable. As the contractions increased in both intensity and duration, she got more and more angry with me. she even blamed me for all the pain she was in. She argued with the doctors and told them to get her on the epidural list immediately because she knew it could be a wait. It is funny though how everything changed when she got that shot. It was like Jekyll and Hyde, and she was more calm and relaxed then I had scene in a long time, maybe even years.

She was fully dilated at about 4pm and the final push began. Alex did so well the doctor didn’t even arrive fast enough. They started having her push before the doctor came in and never expected it to go so fast and actually had to have her stop for a contraction or two so the doctor could get in. At 4:16PM we enjoyed the most incredible experience of our lives as Greyson Alexander Guthreau graced us with his presence! He was absolutely incredible as I looked at him with tears running down my face! He started breast feeding immediately and he looked absolutely perfect!

That moment was just so precious and every year on his birthday all I can do is look at him in amazement and remember the day I was able to look at him with my eyes for the first time. It always makes my tear up and get emotional because life has never been the same from that moment onward. He has completely changed everything for me. In good ways, for a time period a bad way but ultimately I could be the greatest father of all time and I could still never repay him for what he has done for me! I always thought I knew how it would feel to become a parent but I totally did not. The gift of experiencing love for your child is like no other feeling, emotion or connection it is probably the most beautiful gift God could bless someone with!

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