Post 93 Momma Crushing It

We have had situation arise with therapy recently.. Our therapist has had a personal issue which has lead to her taking leave from work to take care of it. We only have one therapist right now and now that she has taken leave we have none for the time being. Therefore, it is on Alex again to take over as Grey’s therapist.

Alex is extremely good as a therapist, and has a ton of knowledge and experience. We have been here before, during Covid and while we were between therapists in the past. This time we are expecting a very long wait. Our BCBA alone has 8 cases that do not have therapists right now and are waiting. This could be our situation for a while, but I have all the confidence in the world in Alex’s ability to make it happen.

I know it is a lot on her but she was already heavily involved in therapy everyday, and Greyson and her have a really nice working relationship. It has only been a week so far and I have to say Alex is crushing it! I was watching her videos of Grey working with her and she is amazing and so is he! Greyson is so focused and he is engaged and learning so many great things. Ales is leading and teaching him like an expert. The videos I watched were incredible and I can’t stop thinking about how great a job Alex is doing.

This is when I realize how lucky we are as a family! She is a great mother, actually she is incredible! Greyson and I could not be luckier and our whole family unit is just blossoming right now! Despite the challenges and struggles we face we are always focused, engaged and solving problems! We are a united family that continues to enjoy our journey!

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