Post 91 Wrapping Up The Summer

Now that Labor Day has come and gone we transition form summer into fall. Saying goodbye to summer for our family is always filled with rushes of emotion. As a family we love the summer and enjoy so many different summer activities. However, after the hot dog days of August, fall feels wonderful. We enjoy the fall holidays and numerous activities that the season brings.

It is always hard to say goodbye to the summer because of how much Greyson enjoys the beach and the pool. It honestly probably affects me more than him. I feel so disappointed knowing he won’t be able to enjoy swimming anymore this year. Just because I enjoy spending time with him swimming and bonding on a deeper level every time we go. It has really helped us spend more quality time together. That makes the summer ending a sad time for me.

Since we can now say goodbye to a wonderful summer filled with wonder and enjoyment, we can also say hello to fall. A time of year that I highly enjoy because I was born in fall and love all the activities the season brings. We have a whole new array of activities to enjoy, from Halloween to Thanksgiving and Foliage Walks to drinking apple cider with a donut. Who doesn’t love an apple cider don’t with some cider. Transitions are always tough, but it is exciting to have a fresh season to start and enjoy to its fullest.

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