Post 90 The Most Important Job

Being a parent is one of the hardest jobs anyone can undertake in life. However, it is probably the most rewarding experience life has to offer. Isn’t it ironic, how these two realities are both true and yet are at complete opposite ends of the spectrum, and life parenting a child with Autism makes both of these statements even more of a reality for me. 

The challenge is truly real and nothing can prepare you for it. It is emotionally, physically and mentally draining. It takes everything I have inside to get of each day and be the best possible father I can be. But the joy and satisfaction I get from all of it makes it worth the challenge and the hard work. I am sure many other parents would agree with me and that they can relate to how I feel. The complications that arise from raising a child on the spectrum, intensifies everything. The emotional and physical challenges, and it affects every part of life. 

My professional life and our marriage have not escaped the tornado that has become our life as a family. The added pressure just makes those parts of life even more challenging than they are in the first place. I do know that through all of the struggles and challenges we encounter as a family, we are lucky enough to live a life of pure joy, happiness and wonder. 

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