Post 89 Quality Time

I have made it a point to spend as much time as I can with Greyson. I want to become closer and sine he is non-verbal the best way to do that is by spending quality time with him. Even though we are working so much all the time I make it a point to spend at least an hour playing with him everyday. That time is dedicated specifically to him with little or no distractions. More like as little as possible since the dogs require some attention.. The dogs can get a little out of control at times and you always seem to need to break up a potential fight.

With working so much it is difficult to go out and do a lot of activities, so since it has been summer our complex pool and playground are one of our favorite spots to hang out. Greyson loves the water so it is a naturally enjoyable experience for him that allows us to bond. Despite the fact that he can not speak to me very much, I like to talk to him a lot and explain things. I act as though he could speak to me. I have even taken him fishing a few times. I don’t know that I would say we were really fishing as most of my time was spent keeping him from jumping in the lake.

I have really connected with him in many ways on a deeper level throughout this summer. I realize it is not what we do together that makes the experience valuable it is simply that we are together! I really look forward to our time together and I think our bond will continue to grow and flourish!

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