Post 87 Play Time

Greyson is a sensory seeker in a big way! A lot of children on the Spectrum have sensory challenges. Some are seekers like Greyson and they try to seek out sensory inputs like particular noises, motions, or visuals, like lights. Some are avoiders and do not like loud sounds or flashing lights, they avoid them. Still others are a combination of the two, and can flip flop back and forth. Greyson is a combination but leans towards seeking.

Sensory challenges can also be specific to a particular type for different people or to a combination of them. So Greyson is a vestibular motion seeker, but a taste avoider. Obviously, and of our senses could be an area of attraction or avoidance for a person on the spectrum.

As I mentioned above Greyson is a big seeker of vestibular motion, like rocking, swinging, falling, getting tickled and picked up. He seeks these things out extremely frequently! I have been making an effort to really spend quality time with him every day when I get home from work and boy has it been a lot. The other day I got home from work and Alex left for work and like most days Grey was very excited to see me come home and immediately engaged me to play with him. I held him off for a half hour to walk the dogs but then when I got back I went right into playing with him.

This particular day was unique because I played with him swinging him and tickling him for 3.5 hours. He just never wanted to stop. No matter what I did I couldn’t break free. Normally after about 45 minutes he calms down and goes and watches a show, TV or plays with a toy. But not that day because Daddy was the toy! I have to say it wa s a lot physically and or course it is not always easy to spend that much time playing without having other things to do, but it was so well worth it.

There is nothing more enjoyable then seeing him smile and laugh! I am sure most every parent would agree. That is one of the things that makes being a parent so rewarding! I spent the time and did not mind, because it won’t last forever. Eventually, he will grow up and we won’t be able to do stuff like that anymore. So, I just enjoyed every moment of the time we spent together and I will continue too do that with every experience we have together.

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