Post 86 Confusing Social Experience

After almost 3 months now, we have finally been able to connect with Greyson’s former RBT. Mr Ed was a huge part of our families life and I don’t know where we would be without all his help and support over the past 3 years. We schedule a day at the beach for all of us to spend some time together and reconnect. It is a great place because we all seem to love the beach.

For the week and a half prior I talked about the beach and seeing Mr Ed every day to try and build Grey up and get him ready. We all really wanted him to enjoy the reunion and experience. I thought we were prepared and knew what to expect, but as you will find out boy was I wrong. I could never have expected what would happen.

Once we got to the beach, finally found parking and lugged all the stuff up, over the boardwalk, got our badges and finally got onto the beach, Greyson completely ignored Mr Ed. Like he didn’t even exist. He just sat in his wagon and watched his videos on my cell phone. The cell phone is necessary in a number of situations when we go out. Unfortunately, in many situations it is the only way to keep him put so he isn’t trying to run into the street or run away or something worse. So, he just watched his videos and when Ed came over to him he ignored him, refused to interact, gave him dirty looks and pushed him away. I would have never expected this reaction.

After some time they tried it again and Greyson was reluctant but interacted a little bit. We quickly realized Greyson was mad at Ed. He can to yet really vocalize or communicate how he feels and even if he was able to I am not sure he would know how to interpret the feels he was experiencing. It was hard for all of us to watch, but I guess it was still a good experience for all of us to learn from.

We spent a few hours together and Greyson did end up warming up and interacting and playing more. He looked really happy for a lot of the second half of the day. Then, it was time for Ed to leave and Greyson didn’t seem to want to let him go, continuing to get over to him and ask him to pick him up, and once we finally said our goodbyes Greyson started looking all over for him again. It was a very sad experience for Alex and I at that point. Not being able to do anything or take his pain and disappointment away is so challenging as a parent.

It even brought tears to my eyes. As a father all I want to do is make my son happy and unfortunately that is not always possible. We did spend a few more hours at the beach and enjoyed every minute of a fun family day out, playing in the sand and in the water. It is a place that Greyson really loves and we want to make it a bigger part of our lives eventually. Once we decided to leave what other way could a wonderful beach day end then Greyson passing out in the car once we hit the road! Just the way we all used to when we were kids. A nice car ride nap after a long, fun day on the beach!

What is better then a nap after the beach!

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