Post 83 More Therapy Changes

Therapy seems to be ever changing and developing. Things are constantly in flux in therapy. We had switched over to the my way program and it was working for a while ut eventually Greyson stopped working because he quickly realized that he could get away with refusing demands. It got to a point where we couldn’t even really place any demands on him and he refused to do anything. Kim our BCBA came in and said it wasn’t going to work anymore and that we need to make some adjustments to get things back on track.

So we very quickly made the changes back to our old program and we have been constantly making changes every few days. He quickly picked up the old program and mastered everything in a couple days. It was amazing how quickly he adjusted back and how quickly he mastered everything. Kim had to immediately start writing new programs and using new tools, to develop new skills right away. He has been loving it and really making progress learning new skills.

Then we all got sick and lost our momentum, by taking off for a week. Since coming back Greyson has struggled a little bit and has been having some challenges, but still making progress none the less. After about a week to a week and a half he will adjust and be fine with everything again. We are lucky because Grey really adjusts to changes well, which is not always the case for Children on the spectrum.

Therapy and our plan is really going to be changing because Alex is working with the new therapist and Kim our BCBA to develop a road map of development for Greyson. I think it is going to lead to great progress and development for Greyson and we are all very excited about the future. We know challenges will always come but we definitely feel we are headed. down the right path!

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