Post 80 Alex’s Birthday

We celebrated Alex’s Birthday recently, and I won’t tell you how old she is. It is like an unwritten rule, not to devolge a woman’s age. However, we had a lot of fun, Greyson included. We went swimming a bunch of times that week as we had a tremendous heat wave that week, and we also went to one of Alex’s favorite restaurants, On The Boarder. Greyson absolutely loves restaurants. I think it is the stimulation of all the people, sounds and sights that he enjoys so deeply.

The one thing that stood out to me about her Birthday this year was Greyson’s awareness. He never stops amazing me and surprising me. He is a little genius and we do not always realize how smart and aware he is because of the fact that he is non-verbal. In the morning when I was at work Alex woke up and explained to Grey that it was her Birthday and everything. Her and Grandma had the conversation with him and he was really engaged. Right after that, Greyson started pulling up the search bar on his iPad and typed in Happy Birthday! It brought a tear to my eye when I heard about the story. Then he proceeded to pull up the Happy birthday song and play it for her.

Greyson knew he couldn’t sing Happy Birthday to her, but he found a way to express his feelings and joy over her Birthday through his iPad! He was never taught how to do that, but he knew on his own. It just goes to show us how amazing he is, and how much smarter and more aware he is then we realize. The whole story spoke to me and made me feel so connected to him and of course I had my chest puffed out because of how proud I was to be his father!

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