Post 79 All I Want For My Birthday is My 2 Front Teeth!

It is the middle of the summer but Greyson is dreaming of Christmas. He will have to settle for his birthday in September, because all he wants for his birthday is his 2 front teeth! That is probably going to turn into 3 very soon. He has swallowed 2 of the 4 teeth he has already lost up until today. This one he did not swallow, and it ell out while he was using a straw.

These times are the times every parent dreams about when they first have children. It is a right of passage and something every parent goes through. Greyson might not want money from the tooth fairy but I know there are some toys he would enjoy. I try an enjoy these times because they remind me of a lot of things that can slip my mind from time to time. It reminds me that even though we do not get to see all the rights of passage that many children have, we still get to enjoy many of them. I am reminded that living in the moment is always the way to live our best lives. These are the reasons and moments that really make the journey worth living and make life so rewarding. These are times a won’t ever forget.

If you feel weighed down like I have at times, I pray for you to stay focused on the joy and good that is in your life no matter how small. To truly enjoy every moment, because life is precious and the good times always seem to pass by so quickly. So, hold onto them with everything you have. I know that is what I will be doing!

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