Post 78 Momma Knows Best

Alex is an incredible mother. Her intuition has gotten incredible at this point. She knows Greyson so well from being so connected to watching him and his action, working on homeschooling and doing therapy that she always seems to know exactly what he needs. She knew he needed to get back into traditional ABA for the discipline and the follow through. So, they have switched back to more traditional therapy and Greyson has knocked the ball out of the park.

I think transitioning to the form of ABA they were using was extremely beneficial since we started with a new RBT. It allowed them to pair much more quickly and to build a foundation of trust and respect, where Greyson is connected and listens to her. They were able to bond very quickly compared to when we brought other therapists in.

Greyson in just 2 weeks of going back has already mastered all of his programs and Kim, our amazing BCBA is already transitioning to all new programs. Two people get all the credit for his recent progress, Greyson, because he is the one that needs to sit down, focus and learn to do the work. The other person is no other than Alex. She always seems to know exactly what Greyson needs, and what is best for him. Her dedication and connection are amazing and Greyson and I couldn’t be any luckier! She was born to raise this child, and it is like it was God’s mission for her.

No matter what, Alex’s knowledge and connection with Greyson will always lead our family in the right direction to do what is right for him. I love Alex and Greyson more than anything in this world; More than I could have ever imagined and I realize now that I think I am the luckiest man in the world!

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