Post 76 Fun At The Pool

We have finally been able to carve out time to go to the pool, now that it is open 7 days a week. Up until the week before 4th of July it was only open on weekends! With my work schedule it was very difficult to get there. Wait until you see the photos from our day. Wow, did we have a blast, and it was a beautiful day, and an experience I will never forget!

Mr. Grey, was amazing the whole time, just absolutely fantastic. His behavior and listening were great, and he definitely had a ton of fun. He no longer wants to use his puddle jumper, but he is so tall that he can easily touch in a larger section of the shallow end. He quickly realized his limitation and how far towards the deep end he could go before it got to deep for him. He had an absolute blast the entire time, spinning and jumping and he even put his face under water. We went the following 2 days as well and he di not have 1 bad behavior the entire time.

Greyson is at peace when he is around the water. Alex and I are big water people as well, enjoying the pool, beach and other water related activities. So, it is no surprise how much he loves the water. It is in his blood! If you really want to get a feel for how much fun we all had, especially Greyson, check out our YouTube channel because we have a whole video of pool footage.

I have to say nothing makes me happier then seeing Greyson enjoying himself! As a father it is probably the most important goal I have for him. It warms my heart seeing him just completely enthralled in swimming and in anything really. Whatever, his joys and passions are we will support him 110%, because it is what makes life worth living!

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