Post 75 The Gift From God That Saved Us

There was a time a few years ago when we were at our lowest point, in regards to Greyson that is. He was probably about two and a half and his meltdowns were intensifying, in both duration and severity. I would get calls from Alex while I was working, and she was crying because of how bad it was. I would get him from work and she would tell me all about how horrible the day was. She would pass him off to me because she just couldn’t handle it and needed a break. 

We were so overwhelmed, worried and fearful of the future. Alex decided to bring him to a biomedical doctor, praying that he would see similar results to other children that have gone for treatment. So she found a great doctor and took him there. 

They immediately put him on a few supplements: Ionestal, Fish Oil and Super Neuthera. We got him on all of them pretty quickly, but we were able to get the fish oil immediately, and the difference in just 2 days was incredible. Shortly after we were able to get him on the Super Neuthera, which is a multi-vitamin, and Ionestal, which helps with Anxiety. The difference was astonishing! 

It was like a gift straight from God. Our prayers were answered and we felt an incredible weight being lifted off our shoulders. We continued treatment and ended up add 4-5 more additional supplements and the results just kept improving. This was a turning point for all of us and our family. We saw a light at the end of the tunnel and knew we could get through these challenging times, and we most certainly did!

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