Post 74 Business Is Our Life

Our family has been able to do something very unique. At least I believe it is unique. We have basically turned our lives into a hobby, business, and even a mission. This was not something Alex and I ever planned. It basically evolved and our lives took on a whole new meaning. Sometime after we had Greyson and he had his diagnosis, we started to discuss our experiences and what we had learned from Greyson and our families journey and Greyson’s journey of Autism. We realized we were not the only people going through this experience, and that thousands of others were doing the same thing.

We thought we were alone in the beginning. We quickly realized how wrong we were. Not everyone could relate to our experiences, but many could. We also realized how much we has learned and overcome. That was when we realized we could share our experiences and knowledge with others and came up with the idea to create our own brand. That brand was Greyson, and our family. We lived and continue to live these experiences every single day. We feel our story is so much more than ourselves or our family and that we and in particular Greyson, can inspire and connect with so many other people and families and make a real difference in the world. That is our goal! To make a difference in anyway that we can. We hope to educate, entertain and improve as many lives as we can.

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