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We have had a really long and intense roller coaster ride when it comes to Greyson’s Speech. We have had so many different times when he was speaking, and babbling and then it just stopped. When he was a year old he was saying 5-6 words. Then all of a sudden he got sick after his shots, had a 103 degree fever for almost a week and then he stopped speaking and even his babbling was limited after that. That was when things transpired into the pediatrician asking us to get a speech evaluation, then EI, and finally a diagnosis of ASD.

Since then we have had numerous occasions where he started babbling again, or even saying some words. Some were random, like he said, orange, once and not again for over a year. Sometimes, he would say yeah, more, mom, or dad. These would all come and go, changing in duration, intensity and tone each time. We have gotten very excited many times over the progress and growth he has had, and one again now we are excited about his progress. He is babbling, making new sounds and even trying to say a few words. He, Mooed, like a cow the other day, he has said, yes, no, and more a whole bunch recently and you can see him making a lot of new sounds. He even said orange again.

We are very excited about how well he is doing when it comes to his vocalization. However, our excitement is tempered with caution because we have been here before and he eventually regressed. As parents of a child on the spectrum we have learned to be level headed. the road is long and filled with many ups, and downs. We need to be prepared for them all and stay level headed. We will always try to push Greyson and live with the hope and belief that he will speak, however, we will be fine if he doesn’t. He is a blessing to us in every way imaginable and he will be fine even if he doesn’t.

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