Post 71 A Beautiful Bond

For a couple years now I have been working on our brand and some other business projects, and haven’t been working a traditional job or schedule and Greyson and I have really been able to bond. It has been an incredible time for me, being able to build such a deep relationship with him. I started working again a while ago, but I just recently switched back to days. The difference in our life and in interactions has been unbelievable to me.

So to start Greyson has seemed to be a little mad at me. Almost, passive aggressive in a way. He has tried to escort me out of the house when I have gotten home a few times. He literally just walked me to the door and pushed me out. I do not take it personally, however, the idea that he is having a logical and emotional reaction to me going to work is great. It shows that he is truly growing and developing in new ways. It makes me so proud to be his father and excited for his future.

All that being said, the thing about it that has warmed my heart to the core is how close he is to his momma again. They didn’t lose their connection while I was home, the dynamic just changed with me being around more. Now that I am gone a lot more during the day, he has connected so much more again. It is the most beautiful thing I have ever scene, to look at the two most important people in my life, that I love so deeply and see there deep love for each other! This feeling gives me renewed energy, motivation and drive to continue to try and become the best man, husband and father I can be!

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