Post 67 Chaos

I do not know what else I could talk about in this post other then the complete mess that our family has been the past couple days and will be in for a few weeks. As soon as we got Murphy home, Savenah our female dog went into her first heat. Alex and I had no idea that this would happen so young. I our ignorance on the subject really caught us by surprise and off guard.

What a way for things to begin for all of us as a family with new addition. This past week had been one of, if not the hardest weeks as a family since Alex and I got married. It is testing all of us. Greyson’s patients, Alex’s emotions, me physically and has put the dogs under a lot of stress and our relationship with each other under a lot of stress. This is definitely not what we wanted or expected when we made this decision, but I guess the positive is it is happening now and not after everyone got adjusted.

for those that are not aware as we weren’t, dogs cycle is a month long and happens every 4-8 months depending on the breed. So we need to stay strong for a few more weeks and then we will finally be able to settle into life again. It is yet another test that God has placed in front of us and our family that we will need to overcome to realize our destiny and our fate as a family. I will keep everyone posted! 😉

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