Post 66 Greyson’s New BFF

We have been so blessed with an amazing Child and two amazing Dogs. Our family is rounding out and starting to feel complete. Greyson has really enjoyed getting these dogs and I think it was very different then when he was growing up with Savannah because she was already older and he didn’t understand that much. Now that he is older I think it is going to be a completely different relationship for al of them.

It has only been 3 days since the new dog has arrived and Grey is already taking to him very quickly. The second night he was here, both dogs had to hop up into bed with him and surrounded him. One on each side leaning up against him, almost as if they were surrounding him to protect him. He seemed so at peace and even started to put his arm around our new puppy, Murphy. It just melted our hearts as we stood there and watched them connecting.

The Breeder always insisted that Murphy needed to be with us for Greyson. She said many times that he is an amazing dog and that he follows her Grandson around all the time, who is also on the Spectrum. It feels like destiny that he is supposed to be part of this family. Even after just a short time they are so connected. We have been talking to Greyson about it for a week before Murphy even arrived, telling him that Savannah his sister is sending him a new puppy. When we would talk about it with him he would go over to her, (she is preserved) and smile and pet her. Then he would go over to the pictures of her on the wall and stare at them and stim.

It hasn’t been that long yet, but it has been so serial. An amazing experience and I am such a proud, happy father! They are going to be best friends for life. Just a boy and his dog!

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