Post 65 Our Newest Family Member

At long last the newest member of our family has arrived. Mr Murphy! We were getting him and then not getting him, probably 4 times. He was meant to be part of this family, and God brought him to us. The Breeder insisted that he was ours repeatedly, and said he was meant to take care of Greyson and watch over him, like he was Greyson’s angel. We have all felt a deep connection with him since the first time we spoke to the breeder.

He has taken to Greyson right away and Greyson has even taken to him very quickly. It is amazing how things like this happen. I feel like our family is more complete than it was before he arrived, almost like this was our destiny, written in the stars from the very beginning. We are all so excited to see what our family’s future holds and we look forward to sharing our journey with all of you.

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